Staying Fit With Wrestling: The complete code of fitness!

Staying in shape is often difficult. Health and fitness aficionados go to great lengths to carve time out of their busy schedules to hit the gym, the treadmill or the jogging track in order to stay fit. However, there’s a better way to stay fit: Take up a sport like wrestling.

Read on to find out how you can stay fit with wrestling.


Fitness is not about striving hard to achieve a single element – like weight loss – of a healthy lifestyle. Staying fit is a multi-dimensional accomplishment, and wrestling provides you the opportunity to achieve every dimension of fitness:

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wrestlemainiaStaying Fit With Wrestling: The complete code of fitness!

Shape matters: How To Eat Healthy For Your Body Type

Often, we see our bodies (or those of others), and the first comments that come to our minds are likely about our looks. But the shapes of our bodies determine far more than how we appear (to ourselves or others who see us). Our bodies can actually shape the course of our health!

Read on to find out what your body type is, and how you can eat healthy for your particular body type.


Generally speaking, there are three types of body shapes:

  • Ectomorph (also called the Chili Pepper shape): These individuals have petite bone structure and thin limbs.
  • Endomorph (also known as the Pear shape): These individuals are characterized by large bone structures, and tend to have fat mass and lean mass characteristics.
  • Mesomorph (popularly called the Apple shape): People with this body shape possess athletics bodies and have medium bone structure. They gain muscle and have lower body fat.

While these are generic body types that most of the population will fit into, many individuals might not be perfectly typecast into one or other category. For instance, Endomorph bodybuilders (their “real” body type) may actually have morphed into Mesomorphs. And that’s where diets can play an important role.


Once you determine what shape your body fits into, you can very easily tailor a dietary plan that enhances your health, given your unique body shape.

  • Ectomorphs should include greater carbohydrates, moderate levels of proteins and lower fat content in their diets. Ideally, a 55:25:20 percent mix of these three food groups should result in a healthy food intake. You’ll be healthier with a high carb and lower fat diet.


  • If you are an Endomorph, you are best off with a higher fat and protein rich diet, while timing and controlling your intake of Carbs (perhaps following exercise). Ideal combination of the three essential food groups would be a 25:30:40 percent mix. Your best bet for staying healthy is higher fats and protein, and lower carb intake.


  • Mesomorphs are best off with a well-balanced diet comprising carbs, proteins and fat. The ideal balance would be 40:30:30 percent respectively.


While achieving the perfect balance in food intake, so that you remain healthy, is important for your body shape, your health depends on more than simply balancing your meals. One key component, for instance, is the body’s ability to process carb-heavy foods. And that ability is greatly enhanced through physical activity. So, depending on your body type, you should time the intake of most of your starchy and sugary foods when you are physically most active.


Here are some carb-related facts based on your body type that you can use to make healthy eating choices:


  • Ectomorphs have a high tolerance for carbs, and should time most of their carb intake around their exercise schedules


  • Endomorphs have a low carb tolerance. It is essential therefore that all of their carb intake be timed around the time they workout


  • Mesomorphs have a moderate tolerance for carbs. Carbohydrate-packed foods should therefore be timed around their exercise, with other whole-grain and starchy foods eaten during other meals



While these guidelines are generic in nature, following them can definitely help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, like all generic guidelines, they may not apply equally to everyone within a particular body shape. Nor might they work perfectly for men and women alike. It’s important therefore for individuals to experiment within the above parameters until they strike a balance for their unique body shapes.


Nature has predetermined how many of us are built, and to some extent our genetically predetermined shapes have an impact on our health. However, by understanding your body shape, and recognizing what dietary changes to make, anyone can start eating healthy for their body types.



wrestlemainiaShape matters: How To Eat Healthy For Your Body Type

7 Reasons Why Wrestling Is The Best Sport: Don’t let the “wrestling clowns” distract you!


We’ve all seen the jostling and jumping and slamming of bodies in the ring on TV, by both men and women wrestlers of the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF). Some will appear on TV in bright colored costumes. Others will dawn on prohibited gear. And many others become famous for using tactics that could easily ban most other wrestlers for life.

Relax! That’s just TV, and it’s great for a laugh. “Real” wrestling however is still the best sport you might ever encounter. And here’s why:

  • ATHELETICS 101: Unlike what TV viewers might think, wrestling is not just about picking up a body and slamming it on the mat. The sport develops the participants’ entire repertoire of athletic skills. From running and jumping, to side stepping and pushing, to grabbing and holding. Wrestling helps develop the entire suite of core skills that an athlete needs to excel in any other sport.


  • STRENGTH: Even if one doesn’t go pro, training to become a wrestler builds strength and muscle in aspiring masters of the mat. And unlike other sports, like Cycling or Basketball, wrestling is a complete strength builder, working on limbs, abs, arms, legs, calves, thighs, and even the neck and jaws. Not many other sports give you that kind of a work out!


  • MENTAL ACCUITY: Many sports depend on just strength and stamina to win. A wrestler on the other hand brings mental superiority into play. Watching the opponent, studying his/her every move, and anticipating their tactics is what wins a wrestling match. And none of that is possible without being mentally active.


  • DISCIPLINE: Whether it’s in training, or whether it’s out in the ring, wrestlers take a lot of punches, slaps, slugs and pushes. A lesser individual would easily call it quits when faced with that much pressure. Yet, if wrestlers want to remain contenders, then need to have the discipline to “get on with the game”. Not many of life’s career paths will grant you such opportunities to discipline your mind and body to press on, regardless of the obstacles.


  • TEAM WORK: Contrary to what you may see on TV wrestling, where individuals are often glorified for their deeds, many wrestling events are team-based. And that means individual players are dependent on their team mates for success. In sports where an individual’s strength often carries the day, wrestling is one of the few sports where teams are much stronger when working as a collective entity.


  • RESPECT: Wrestling instills respect, both for ones opponent as well as for the authorities overseeing the match, in its participants. Going into a ring with no sense of respect is likely to cause wrestlers to either miscalculate a move, or flaunt the rules. Either of these situations can cause one to lose a bout. And that respect, once learned in the ring, is carried into other aspect of life too.


  • LIFESTYLE: Wrestlers develop a healthy lifestyle, because not doing so can compromise their abilities to wrestle. They exercise well. They train hard. And they eat healthy. They also refrain from other unhealthy activities – like consuming excessive alcohol, tobacco or other harmful substances. As a result, even many years after they’ve given up wrestling, they are more likely to live longer and healthier lives than someone that isn’t involved in sports.

And while wrestling is undoubtedly one of the best sports around, it’s also extremely easy to learn, and relatively inexpensive to get into. Many schools start children into wrestling at tender ages of 10 to 12 years old.


If you speak with any teacher, leader, role model or publically respected figure in your community, and ask them what makes a great “person”, they will undoubtedly and unanimously answer: Character! Anyone, a child, and young adult or an senior, that possesses good character is always sought after.

And wrestling provides a great way to build character. It does so by empowering wrestlers with:

  • discipline
  • self-restraint
  • respect for rules
  • reverence for one’s opponent
  • and a strong desire to win

And even if a wrestler doesn’t win all of his/her matches on the mat, the character they build when practicing the

wrestlemainia7 Reasons Why Wrestling Is The Best Sport: Don’t let the “wrestling clowns” distract you!